User Experience Strategy


Great products start with great strategy; we’ll help you make sure your customer is at the center of yours. Are the features you’re planning the ones customers really want? Does the product fit well in the world the user actually lives in? Which UX activities need to be emphasized, and which ones can you touch on lightly (if at all)? We’re here to help you put together a plan of action that keeps your customer as the focus of your game plan.



Interaction Design


Helping define the ways in which your users will flow through your system. We determine the broad chunks that organize it, and the specific interaction elements that enable it. It more than just a matter of minimizing clicks, or maximizing content. Its about creating a gestalt, an experience where the user feels empowered and delighted.


Customer Research


We conduct numerous types of studies, including usability tests, customer visits and structured interviews, to help bring the voice of the customer into your product. These efficient, effective methods  give your team a hands on view of actual customers in action. Its been said that the first step to building the product right is to build the right product. Based on more than 20 years of experience, we’ve developed innovative methods that help you answer both “What?” and “Why?” so that you can move on to “How.”


Human Centered Product Innovation


Often referred to as “Design Thinking” we can help your team apply innovative methods to solve business and technical problems. Design Thinking is the method designers use to solve creative problems. It turns out these methods are great for solving all kinds of problems where humans are at the center of the solution. We can help you create workshops for your team, or bring innovative methods into your day to day product creation.