Mental Models – Tools for the Innovator

A great deal of user experience design relies on the proper application of mental models. And yet, increasingly, product managers, innovators, and even user experience designers are only vaguely aware of the concept of mental models. In my opinion, it is one of the most important concepts in the entire realm of designing intuitive, usable products.
Mental models are also an important tool in the innovator’s toolbox. Get it right, and your customers will “get” what your product is all about. Get it wrong, and they’ll be confused and leave…

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The future of user experience design

It won’t be listed as “7 Actions you must take now” or “The top 5 mistakes all companies make”. That kind of list making nonsense over simplifies, and trivializes the efforts of the technologist, the business people, and the UX designer. The future of user experience design will be written by people who are equally comfortable with studying people as much as they are with studying technology. The future will belong to those who do research – real research – and fearlessly follow that research with design that acts on that research. The future will belong to design thinkers – people who can nimbly apply the best practices of human centered design with the best human centered business...
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